Hurdles to Mental Health Care

In developed countries, the celebrities share their understanding, their recovery and their whole path of rehabilitation and treatment they had to undergo if they suffer with any sort of “Psychiatric Disorder

In India, whether it be a celebrity, a middle class person or it be a poor fellow, any sort of Mental Illness is treated as a stigma and is meant to be kept undisclosed in order to avoid mockery and maintain the same social status in society. More than ninety percent of such suffering masses in developing nations get no form of mental health care due to their fear of society treatment later.

This being the reason many in doubt of having depression or anxiety or panic disorder or any other mental illness, do not go to the doctor or get themselves diagnosed and further land into deeper water of deteriorated mental health conditions where from recovery becomes difficult.

Estimated 500 million people worldwide suffer from mental disorders, and a huge proportion of them do not receive care. One of the foremost hurdles to care is social stigma.

Eliminating the humiliation and social distancing of individuals with psychological illness must be a top public health primacy in order to progress global mental well being and lessen fiscal burden.

Isolation,  Loneliness,  Social Distancing, Social Rejection, Discrimination and Unemployment is what we give them.

This humiliation and discernment can trap people in a cycle of mental illness with no comeback path to their recovery. Be human; don’t make them feel ashamed of their condition. Help them recover.