Tricks to keep bad habits at bay

Once you have succeeded in quitting bad habits or addiction; there are chances to fall back into discarded habits. Here you need to remind yourself that the process of overcoming the addiction was not easy and once you have succeeded in recovery; it’s your responsibility to protect yourself from falling back on the wrong track. Here are some simple yet effective strategies that could be used to stay on the right track:

  • Develop a support network. Immediately after completion of de-addiction treatment, you should join an aftercare program. The objective of these programs is to ensure long term success of the treatment through follow-up care. Further, they provide assistance in developing new patterns of life and healthy routine devoid of any bad habit.
  • Find substitute for bad habits. Craving is inevitable but keeping a check on your craving for stuff that is not good for you is important. This way you would be able to make good choices that would ultimately replace the bad ones.
  • Pay attention to subtle behaviors that suggest a return to old ways.Certain behaviors like joining colleagues for a smoke break or peer pressure to drink alcohol are the warning signs that need to be taken seriously before they put you back on the wrong track.
  • Notice “permission-giving” thoughts. Keep a check on your thoughts that lure you towards the habits that you have successfully quit. For example: You might think to keep alcoholic beverages in store for some occasional get-together but realistically you would not wait for long to consume it. Such thoughts need to be checked.

These tricks are the sure shot way to keep yourself from getting back to the bad habits that you have already quit.