Being mindful is to become aware of your thoughts, feelings and body to bring you back to a state of acceptance. Mindfulness is simple yet very effective way to center your thoughts and emotions.  Here are some easy steps to bring mindfulness into your life and enjoy the benefits

1.      Sit at a peaceful place

To experience mindfulness, you require being at a peaceful place where you can spend some time with your mind. You can choose a clean and quiet place in your home or a calm place outdoors would also do.

2.      Check your posture

Maintain a comfortable posture wherever you are sitting. Ensure to sit in an upright position with either your legs crossed or your feet planted firmly on the ground.  The arms need to be kept parallel to your body and rest your hands on your thighs or knees, whichever keeps your posture straight.  In simple words, maintain the meditation posture.

3.      Sense the surroundings

Keep your eyes closed.  Establish a natural breathing pattern and feel each breath going in and out of you.  While the whole world is in action; you calmly notice it without getting distracted.  Feel your feet against the ground or the wind blowing past your ears.  Be conscious and aware of your surroundings.

4.      Go With the Flow

Keep yourself from getting entangled in the thoughts that cross your mind. Let the thoughts flow by; neither stick to them nor judge them as being good or bad. Continuously redirect your mind to your present state of being.  Remember your breathing and your surroundings.

With regular practice of mindfulness meditation, you can be a more productive and happy person. Just spend some good time with yourself each day to witness the serenity amidst daily hustle.


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