There’s no doubt saying that Internet, smart phones and Social media have become an essential part of every teen’s life. Research suggests that 92% of teens go online daily-including 24% who go online “almost constantly”. Facebook and Instagram top the charts among the most used Social Media platforms, with 71% and 52 % respectively. This excessive usage of Social media crops up several mental health problems in teens. It’s important to note that the issue is not with the usage but the amount of time spent browsing and posting on these sites as excess of anything is bad.

A recent study has revealed that adolescents who access social media sites for more than 2 hours a day are more prone to high psychological distress, poor mental health, suicidal thoughts, and an unmet need for mental health support. These should not be treated as mere findings rather need to be considered as warning signals to initiate the preventive measures. As is said “Prevention is better than cure”, Shanti Home rehab suggests parents to keep a check on their ward’s social media usage and vouch for their all round development. Hence, it’s important to make note that kids should devote optimum time for various outdoor activities too rather than just sticking to smart phones.

Another impactful way of addressing this concern is by turning the problem into solution. Rather than getting teens off social media, increased mental health resources could be made available on these platforms. Since majority of adolescent population is present on social media sites; it is the perfect opportunity for the Health service providers to reach out to them and connect with them to share essential knowledge as well as provide health promotion support.

Shanti Home recommends parents to keep track of even a little change in their kid’s behavior and be proactive to visit a doctor for proper consultation.


One thought on “Excessive Social media usage linked to poor mental health among teens

  1. My son used to live alone all the time. He never used to meet anyone and he always used to be busy in social media things. So i contacted Shanti Home Mental Health Clinic and they guided me how to make my son talk to people and to become social to the people around him. They took couple of sessions as well. Now he is recovering Positively. Shanti Home’s team is great.


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