Addiction of any sort; be it Drug or alcohol is extremely difficult to recover from. The ease with which one gets hooked to any addiction; greater level of difficulty is faced to drop it. Though the process might seem difficult, it’s surely not impossible!

Here are 7 tips by Shanti Home that would prove to be of great help through the recovery process:

Focus on “Today”

Thought process plays a great role in recovery. So as you begin to recover, skip yourself from thinking that you would never drink or use drugs again. Instead, just promise yourself that you would not use these harmful substances “Today”.

Ignore the relapse rates

Your focus needs to be on your personal recovery. Don’t ever get discouraged by the high relapse rates. It’s your strength and determination that would help you attain success in faster recovery.

 Prepare yourself

Overcoming addiction is no small task; hence be ready to accept this huge change in your life. A best idea to get started with the preparation is staying away from friends who use drugs or drink.

Find a substitute for Addiction

The End of an addiction creates a void which needs to be filled with something. Hence, you could include a new activity like reading book in your daily schedule.

List out your Goals

Creating a list of goals that you wish to accomplish as you recover would help in remaining focused. Ensure that the goals are doable.


It has been proved through clinical studies that people who meditatestay healthy, focused and have control over their emotions. These benefits are much desired for fast paced recovery.

Get Treatment

Receiving apt treatment for addiction is surely the best way to recover faster under strong guidance.

If you are determined, nothing can keep you from overcoming any sort of addiction. Just believe in yourself!


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